‘Blood’ Album Review


Overall, this album feels like a travel album. It feels better when you are traveling geographically or through the journey of emotions. Here is what I think; track by track review.

Unstoppable – this track eases up on me and makes me feel like a bird flying inches away from the ocean toward the shiny horizon. Dramatic, I know. But, that is the vision I get while listening to this track. It’s smooth and it just makes me feel invincible. Transcendent. This track is so powerful. I must put it on my ‘Encouraging’ music playlist on Spotify.

Green & Gold – this track I really appreciate so much. It’s damn near perfection. Here we have a touch of horns but it’s such a gentle touch that it doesn’t overpower Lianne’s voice. She shares with us her experience of being in Jamaica. This one seems so personal.

What You Don’t Do – this track makes me think of the girl groups from the 60’s where the background singers do their cute 2 step. I really enjoyed this one. It’s such a different approach to the topic of love and how it’s not just about what you do but what you don’t do that determines the depth of love. I love it.

Tokyo – this track gives me such a sweet 80’s music vibe. That bass gave me everything I needed in this one.

Wonderful – I promise you this one will be featured in a movie if it hasn’t already. I love it so much. I played with different scenes in my mind while listening to this track. The piano is angelic. The strings..what can I say?! I’m running out of words to describe this song. It’s a thing of beauty. And, I loved how Lianne approached this song just as the song is…delicately. I can listen to this track over and over. I never tire of its angelic presence.

Midnight – I love horns. I just wasn’t used to all the instruments used in this track. It was both overwhelming and refreshing at the same time. I guess I’ve gotten used to enjoying Lianne’s voice in the forefront of her music. All the instruments used drained out her beautiful voice. The ‘Blood Solo’ EP got this one right with just Lianne and the guitar.

Grow – I love her highs and lows. This track has a touch of a country vibe to it.  Toward the end this one goes into a chant that empowers me with words like, “turn up for this love; got nothing to hide if you get this feeling.”

Ghost – this track’s lyrics are beautiful along with that acoustic guitar.

Never Get Enough – this track has the best of both worlds acoustic and rock. I know that sounds crazy but it works so well. While you listen to the acoustic side you yearn for the rock side and vice versa. It works! I love it.

Good Goodbye – this quiet track is a great ending to a journey I love to travel with Lianne. While listening to this one I see a movie montage with a couple saying goodbye. That is what this track is; a sweet loving goodbye.

I give this album 4 stars out of 5.



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