I thought I had something to say.

I used to think I had something pressing to share; something of importance to convey. I used to think I owned original thoughts. Then the internet came into play. I learned that every single thing that could be thought, believed, or created had already been shared. The internet is both informative and depressing. It bridges the gap between worlds. We can see how creative others can be. We can see how your thoughts can be snatched out of the air. You can critically think up all kinds of philosophies and it’s a guaranttee it’s already been thought of and published. Yes, we can always have a different way of approaching a topic. But, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find those different ways due to population. Personality plays a part here. We can get the same reasoning and thoughts elsewhere but the difference in our personalities determines our audience or lack there of. This is something I think about often. The questions I ask myself; will people choose to get information from you? Why should they read your blog? What’s so different about how you express yourself and this world around you? And, it looks like someone has given this same thing some great thought as well. Check out her video.


2 thoughts on “I thought I had something to say.

  1. If you thought it you had something to say, how you got to that thought or feeling is just as important as the feeling. And sometimes expressing how you got there is the most helpful part. An idea who’s time has come is like water, it looks for every Crack it can find and starts seeping out. Whether you see the first crack or the 50th it’s addressing the leak that’s important.

    Plus is one leak is a crack, one a broken seal, and another on an improperly closed compartment, as you deal with them you gain a better understanding and isn’t that what we all want?

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  2. Yea, I recall you showing me this video before. I don’t care. If a million have said it before me doesn’t mean my voice won’t be the sound people hear as loud or loudest! Blog! Quote! Write! No one can be you or say it how you say it! (Ironically one of my quotes on my kwotes Instagram said something like this. Lol)


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