“The Age of Miracles” Review


I found out about this book from Jen Campbell on Youtube. In the video, she and Sanne were giving apocalyptic fiction recommendations. I trust Jen’s recommendations because she recommended “The Beauty” and I ended up loving it as well. Apocalyptic fiction is becoming one of my favorites. “The Age of Miracles” is labeled as an adult book even though the main character is only 11 years old. This book follows Julia through her experience with school, family, and ‘the slowing’ plaguing the earth. The earth’s rotation slows down and we get to see how it affects the earth and those occupying it. All kinds of ripple effects occur with the animals, people getting sick due to the earth’s faulty gravitational pull, and crops because of the lack of sunlight. The people start to panic and react to the long nights and long days.

I flew through this book. I’m a slow reader and it only took me 3 days to read this novel. That is fast for me. The pacing was perfect. It was interesting to see how people changed as the minutes were added to each day. New relationships were created, old relationships died away, and strange behavior ensued. I enjoyed the different characters, even the ones that annoyed me. The author’s obsession with eucalyptus trees was kind of strange. The trees were referenced like on every other page. That became kind of redundant, but other than that this book is a solid 4 stars out of 5.


2 thoughts on ““The Age of Miracles” Review

  1. Maybe the author loves koalas, the do have some of the laziest days. Sounds interesting, kind of like men in black didn’t they use like a 27-30 hour day? I don’t know what I would do if Monday was 30 hours long. I mean, I would love an almost endless Saturday, a 20 hour Friday night, but a 40 hour Monday….. Hide the bullets, the knives, and take the car keys things would get ugly.

    I might check this out later, a slow burn (no pun intended) instead of a swift explosion, flood, or collapse.

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