Slow Reader, Low Rating

Pacing is very vital when it comes to reading a novel. Pacing can make or break your reading experience. I have three huge hindrances when it comes to reading: 1) not having enough focus time to read. 2) reading interruptions. 3) I’m a slow reader. I’m starting to believe that these issues are causing me to rate books lower than they deserve. I find that I have a more rewarding reading experience when I have hours of free time to just read with no interruptions. If I don’t have the time to read for long periods of time, I eventually get frustrated with the book, the world, the ideas. Due to the interruptions, the pacing of the book seems choppy and I can never get a good flow going which is not the book’s fault. Often, I DNF (do not finish) complicated long books because I just don’t have the time or the focus to devote to them. This causes me to miss out on many rewarding reading experiences.Then after reading a book for so long, I get frustrated and I end up giving the book a low rating even though it was me who needs the poor reading grade.

I need to think about this book rating thing in a different way or just not rate books at all.


One thought on “Slow Reader, Low Rating

  1. Actually I think your book rating system is just fine, it’s YOUR rating system. A reminder not everyone loves Star Wars, multi billion dollar story franchise, you love barnes and noble count the shelves that have Star Wars books on them, and some people think the entire premise sucks. The fun thing about having a hobby is that while you may share it with everyone you can carve out a small piece of that hobby’s world to yourself.

    Many people like Jon Carter/A princess of Mars. I actually like the movie, can’t stand the book. I am used to reading in spurts and for whatever reason that book just put me off reading for a while. I need to pick reading back up soon, but if I take a hiatus I have a right, I have other hobbies I like to devote time to. Whether I own the book or check the book out if now isn’t a good time I can always go back and look at it again, maybe the timing just wasn’t right. Say like me and “The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy” I love the movie, loved the book and yet never read them as a kid, why? Because that weird green thing didn’t appeal to me that was on the cover, I don’t know it just turned me off and I was just like to hell with it.

    Your rating system is just that YOURS, if the first time you read a book it doesn’t fit your pallet so be it. It’s just like when you go to a buffet there is a lot of stuff there but you are absolutely allowed to eat what you want and next time you come back you can try a piece of something new. Or maybe the day you go to get something you are tolerant of it was miscooked. If you look at it that way, maybe you won’t be so hard on yourself

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