Love Unrestrained


I want a love that transcends
Something old
Something blue
White picket fence
House with 2 car garages
Golden retriever
The American dream

I want a love that cannot be contained
Not even in a room with
Bling’d out new pussy
Distracting hips
Licked lips
Big guns
Even jeans with juicy bulges
Can keep us from it

A love that inspires
A captivating love
A love much like a ray of sun dancing over rippling waters
A love that is so late, but you are so glad you are ready
A love unrecognizable at first glance
A sacrificing love happy to give it all
A love with the desire to learn from its subject
A love willing to admit “I don’t deserve you”

A love
Not patronizing
Not proud
Nor lies
A love only stealing kisses while you sleep
Not your identity
A love willing to bare the naked truth
Free falling knowing the safety net is you
A love changing in shape
To accommodate all that you know and are soon to find out
A love free to go
But for reasons you can’t even explain
Stays around nosey with intrigue
A love not requiring the utterance of the words
“I love you”


*throwback* originally posted on blogspot 2/15/2014


One thought on “Love Unrestrained

  1. Can I get an order of this loved Supersized, with a no breaking your heart guarantee and endless cuddles. This sounds like that kind of love that re-invigorates you when you walk in the door dead tired after a hard day but has you ready to fold clothes, check homework, and wash dishes if you didn’t cook.

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