More Diverse, Less A-Thon


whitehead-colsonThe Diverse-A-Thon didn’t go as planned. I didn’t get a chance to finish “The Underground Railroad”. I’m currently on page 118. There have been so many distractions. I blame The New Edition Story 3-night miniseries and Trump’s troubling executive orders. Basically, life happened.

“The Underground Railroad” has a slow beginning. It took me some time to adjust to Colson’s writing style. I will come back to do a book review when I’m done. Diverse reading will not stop here. I plan to continue reading diverse for the rest of the year. Check out my diverse reading list here.


One thought on “More Diverse, Less A-Thon

  1. Hey, when you catch a “nayhoo” the world definitely stops for a minute. Reminds you of the days you grabbed your favorite lady, looked her in the eyes and dreamed of everything being okay if just for that moment. If you are on page 118 you had a good start to it, you just had to go back and watch an important part of OUR(being generation X’s) history. New Edition, BBD, Boyz II Men and all of the sounds that they started that we are definitely missing now.

    I will catch the new edition special soon. I think it should be on hulu, amazon or somebody by now. I ain read a page yet this year but I hope to soon

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