About BE

d3df2c26-904b-4ce6-bd66-a24dc84431afMy real name is Joy Lauriette. I go by BE Lauriette. The BE stands for Butterfly Effect. After learning the meaning of Butterfly Effect (Chaos Theory), I’ve been intrigued by the concept. In the past, I wanted to help affect positive change. I wanted to cause a ripple effect helping others to be more reflective, introspective, and retrospective. Honestly, I may need to ignite those changes within myself first.

I created this blog to house my writing. My writing can be unpleasant while other times unrealistic or flighty. I can no longer guarantee you (the reader) will walk away jovial no more than I can guarantee this blog will help lift my spirits. Messages are not always pleasant. My efforts here may just be viewed as a display of self-loathing or just out right ostentatious. I will not deny those observations. One thing I know for certain, my writing will make you feel.

I love the arts. I exist for the seeds I’ve planted on this earth and also for the arts that have sprouted from so many other people all around the world. An author once said that there was no point in writing reviews because no one cares about your opinion. That may be true. Yet, I still enjoy sharing my genuine love and experience with the arts. It’s one of the last distractions that brings me joy. I will also attempt to do some storytelling. I hope, at the very least, my blog causes you to divert your gaze slightly. Thanks for stopping by.

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