“The Humans” by Matt Haig


The narrator of this story is not human. The story is about an alien who is given the assignment to get rid of mathematical information discovered by a human, Professor Andrew Martin. On his quest to dispose of the threatening information he makes a detour into the life of a human being. He has sort of an out of body experience while living the life of a human. You are taken on the journey where he eventually finds beauty, love, and confusion in human life on earth.

The writing is heartfelt and so relatable even though they are the words of an alien. You find yourself laughing out loud, sighing, and having ah-ha moments. It was fun to experience life through an outside source. It caused me to question why we think the way that we do. There are many quotable moments in this book that gave me pause. Quotes, like:

“To be healthy meant to be covered. Clothed. Literally and metaphorically.”

“Some humans not only liked violence but craved it, I realized. Not because they wanted pain, but because they already had pain and wanted to be distracted from that kind of pain with a lesser kind.”

“Love was a way to live forever in a single moment, and it was also a way to see yourself as you had never actually seen yourself, and made you realize –having done so–that this view was a more meaningful one than any of your previous self perceptions and self deceptions.”

By relating to this alien I felt less weird for feeling like I’m not doing well at being a human. Matt Haig captured the feelings of loneliness and wanting to belong very well. I found his philosophies interesting while disagreeing with others. All and all I couldn’t put this book down.

I copped this book from the library. I plan on buying my own copy because there are so many quotes I want to keep and I may even read this one again. If you are interested in love stories, you will love this book. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I can’t stop thinking about it.


“Soundless” Book Review












I really had high hopes for this book. When I discovered that this book was coming out some time last year, I was both disappointed and intrigued. This book appealed to me because I had this deep desire to write about a woman who could control sound. Sound is a sensitive topic for me and I get very passionate about those around me who are abusive with sound. I guess I still can continue to do so. This book is not about being able to control sound.  The story is about a young lady regaining her hearing among a village of people who have all lost their hearing. She goes on a quest to find answers and to save the people in her village. I just didn’t enjoy this one like I thought I would. The ending was very slow. Turning the pages became harder and harder toward the end of the book. I probably should have given it a 2 out of 5 stars. But, I gave this book 3 stars out of 5 because it just didn’t have a strong story to go along with the hype. It took me almost a month to read this book and it’s only two hundred and something pages. It may have something to do with me and my inability to read fast especially when I’m not into the story.

Rated: 3 out of 5 stars.

Sky Shore Sea


Kali Tenee’s “Sky Shore Sea” fixed a lot of issues non-poetry readers have with reading poetry.

-the choppiness-the impersonal verbiage

-the impersonal verbiage

-the misunderstood overall meanings

Tenee’ took away the apprehension, the frustration I often experience while reading poetry trying to figure out the mindset of the author and what is trying to be conveyed. Tenee’ guides you through her world, her mind, and thought process. By entering storytelling, brief descriptions, moments of nostalgia, and synopsizes in between the poems throughout, it helped me get to know the author and the author’s intentions. It also allowed me time to reflect on the previous poem consumed while preparing me for the next poetic meal. The rhythm was much like a song, the fading and gradual building of a song, the push and pull of the tide’s flow. The poem comes crashing to the shore and the drawback is the set up for the next one (score), seamlessly. She guided me through, weaving together one journey with the next connecting their relevance; therefore, I was never left dangling.

The poetry book was broken up in three sections hence the title “Sky Shore Sea.” ‘Sky’ took me on a ride through seasons, emotions, and yearnings. I could feel the goose bumps on my skin as I read “wintery whispers,” wondered how He sees us while reading “imagining His image,” I empathized with the author’s painful wonderment a life beyond this realm in the poem titled, “up and away,” so much so tears were shed, and it was nice to witness her love affair with the moon in, “queen selene.”

‘Shore’ touches on the art of touch, body, silence, and the loss of youthful love. It is here where I had to pause to write down my own personal thoughts. I respect the vulnerability of “lost petals”, the bravery of “you make me wanna” and “all I want,” and the beautiful transparency of “scared of lonely,” “a pressed flower,” and “with you.” Also, in this section Tenee’ tackles the gloomy silence and loneliness of aging.

In the ‘Sea’ section, Tenee’ delves in a lot deeper to unearth and display the different kinds of love. Somehow at the end of this section I was able to understand the type of love I want. Often we need to know the love we don’t want in order to know the love we want. “They do[n’t] love you” speaks on conflicting feelings in the joy of helping someone realize their need for love, yet not finding it where they received the clarity. “Crazy deep,“ “first, last,” and “more than” exhibits how the proclamation of love can be so empowering, not merely grandiose fantasies. After reading these poems, I had no choice but to follow suit and proclaim my own needs concerning love. I loved how “Sea” took me on a journey of attempting to measure an immeasurable love.

I enjoyed the overall one-woman play feel of her poetry book. I imagined the author on stage reading her poems and the descriptions in between were acted out dramatically, which is similar to Daniel Beaty. He tells captivating heart-wrenching stories and strategically sprinkles his poetry throughout. I really found it refreshing how Ms. Kali Tenee’ grab my hand and took me on a walk to witness her beautiful transparency and bravery. I can’t wait for more walks with Tenee’ in her psyche.

“Sky Shore Sea” can be purchased at createspace.com and amazon.com.