Love Unrestrained


I want a love that transcends
Something old
Something blue
White picket fence
House with 2 car garages
Golden retriever
The American dream

I want a love that cannot be contained
Not even in a room with
Bling’d out new pussy
Distracting hips
Licked lips
Big guns
Even jeans with juicy bulges
Can keep us from it

A love that inspires
A captivating love
A love much like a ray of sun dancing over rippling waters
A love that is so late, but you are so glad you are ready
A love unrecognizable at first glance
A sacrificing love happy to give it all
A love with the desire to learn from its subject
A love willing to admit “I don’t deserve you”

A love
Not patronizing
Not proud
Nor lies
A love only stealing kisses while you sleep
Not your identity
A love willing to bare the naked truth
Free falling knowing the safety net is you
A love changing in shape
To accommodate all that you know and are soon to find out
A love free to go
But for reasons you can’t even explain
Stays around nosey with intrigue
A love not requiring the utterance of the words
“I love you”


*throwback* originally posted on blogspot 2/15/2014


Crushing on…Poetry

aura 2

I have yet to conceive the captivating power he has over me



and blushing while writing love letters on pretty notepads


he is not my man

I want to be more than his significant other

I want to be an unlabeled brand of extraordinary wonder

to dwell in his hidden places is my motivation

to put name to this claim would make you the creator

we don’t even fully understand its origin

not fitting into the world’s eye of acceptance

there is no main source

our inner fluency is deeply rooted in energy

turning to this society for recourse would only kill its creativity

to interpret our beings

one would have to know how far that rabbit hole goes

to carry out its delivery

Sitting next to him is like

two electrical wires touching

sparks fly

the frequency is too high

his mouth spews diction that makes my kitty pay attention

*ten HUT*

we must allow distance to do its business

even gazing on our aura causes friction

reminiscing of our first blissful collision…

So forbidden…

dripping in lustful expression

his beautiful brown skin was glistening

muscles rippling

eyes piercing

my soul listening


for the keen sense of learning

from his vast knowledge of much

I can’t help wanting to know more about him.

What are his dreams?

Does he see me?

I sense the struggle that he battles daily

trying to stay strong from the grasp that will continue to last

past his pointless attempts to be crass..

your smoke screens are NOT blinding

you can’t hide your conning manipulation from me

we flow involuntarily through poetry

so there is only a matter of time

before I seize the pattern of our love sign

I believe our truth resides…

maturing on each other’s streaming rhyme

that will live for all time

In the meantime

rest on our manifestation


wanting … attention

aching in … patience

dreaming on thoughts of our next destination

there is no rush


I’m tickled by your astonishment of the puzzling beauty of us…