Crushing on…Poetry

aura 2

I have yet to conceive the captivating power he has over me



and blushing while writing love letters on pretty notepads


he is not my man

I want to be more than his significant other

I want to be an unlabeled brand of extraordinary wonder

to dwell in his hidden places is my motivation

to put name to this claim would make you the creator

we don’t even fully understand its origin

not fitting into the world’s eye of acceptance

there is no main source

our inner fluency is deeply rooted in energy

turning to this society for recourse would only kill its creativity

to interpret our beings

one would have to know how far that rabbit hole goes

to carry out its delivery

Sitting next to him is like

two electrical wires touching

sparks fly

the frequency is too high

his mouth spews diction that makes my kitty pay attention

*ten HUT*

we must allow distance to do its business

even gazing on our aura causes friction

reminiscing of our first blissful collision…

So forbidden…

dripping in lustful expression

his beautiful brown skin was glistening

muscles rippling

eyes piercing

my soul listening


for the keen sense of learning

from his vast knowledge of much

I can’t help wanting to know more about him.

What are his dreams?

Does he see me?

I sense the struggle that he battles daily

trying to stay strong from the grasp that will continue to last

past his pointless attempts to be crass..

your smoke screens are NOT blinding

you can’t hide your conning manipulation from me

we flow involuntarily through poetry

so there is only a matter of time

before I seize the pattern of our love sign

I believe our truth resides…

maturing on each other’s streaming rhyme

that will live for all time

In the meantime

rest on our manifestation


wanting … attention

aching in … patience

dreaming on thoughts of our next destination

there is no rush


I’m tickled by your astonishment of the puzzling beauty of us…



The Dorothy Syndrome: Revisited


Published 2/7/10 on

What is “The Dorothy Syndrome”? We all know of its existence. The Dorothy Syndrome can be described as the inability to know your strength and capabilities. Due to this ignorance of self, you are blinded to your own worth. You have everything you could ever need within your grasp to help you, but you believe or have been made to believe you have to find external means or beings to bring you the necessities to survive. You go all around the world searching for that one thing you feel you need to make you happy or to allow you to move to the next level. The object of “need” is dangled in front of you like a rabbit chasing after a carrot stick.

Dorothy didn’t know she had the strength to get her all the things she needed. Yes, Glinda could have just told her during their first meeting and told her “Dorothy click your heels 3 times.” But, I’m certain she would not have believed her ability because she felt the obstacle before her required more effort. She believed with her whole being that someone other than herself had to get her home. Also, Dorothy believed she needed to get home by ways her mind could imagine. Many times the answers to how we get to a certain level is not in the traditional way. No one could have changed her mind no matter how many times they tried.

My boy Carswani made a joke about how Dorothy should have been angry with Glinda…check out the video…HILARIOUS.

Due to society’s views, judgments, and ideas, I felt I needed to be a certain status in order to be accepted. With this acceptance I felt people would see me, the real me instead of my circumstances. Even though we won’t listen, God sends little messengers of all kinds to warn us not to take unnecessary journeys. Let’s look at Dorothy for a minute. Dorothy walked the yellow brick road in the very vehicle she needed to get home. But, without faith and the belief in her own ability, the vehicle was useless. Along her journey to search for the Wizard, all those that graced her path were influenced positively by her presence. Still she was oblivious to her own ability to help herself. I believe true unveiling enlightenment comes in a tired spirit. You go all around the world trying to get others to help you do something that you had the ability to overcome the whole time. That can be tiring. In that worn out state, the aha moment is birthed in your conscious.

I don’t need the paper to validate my marital status. I’m free. When God helped me get the apartment where I was able to move away from my husband, the battle was won. But, I continued to fight this man for legal documents that I never needed to take control of my life. I don’t need designer clothes to define my worth in this world. No designer on this earth can tell the story of my life better than I can. I don’t need a man to make me happy. I have the ability to create my own happy space. And I’ve learned so much more. HA! God is good. He sends messengers. We don’t listen. He watches over us as we go on these journeys of self discovery. He is right there with us, protecting us. Once we realize that we’ve been sitting on the answers the whole time, He helps us understand the new found freedoms. Now, I won’t say that “the Dorothy Syndrome” will never plague my life again. However, my feet are tired of these unnecessary journeys tread. I can only hope that from now on I will be able to pinpoint the lies, scams, and the misleading tales society tries to sell. Don’t buy into them like I did.

Maya Angelou says, If someone shows you who they are, Believe them”

True indeed. And to add to that if I may…

Joy says, “If someone tries to convince you that you are worthless, don’t believe them”