Slow Reader, Low Rating

Pacing is very vital when it comes to reading a novel. Pacing can make or break your reading experience. I have three huge hindrances when it comes to reading: 1) not having enough focus time to read. 2) reading interruptions. 3) I’m a slow reader. I’m starting to believe that these issues are causing me to rate books lower than they deserve. I find that I have a more rewarding reading experience when I have hours of free time to just read with no interruptions. If I don’t have the time to read for long periods of time, I eventually get frustrated with the book, the world, the ideas. Due to the interruptions, the pacing of the book seems choppy and I can never get a good flow going which is not the book’s fault. Often, I DNF (do not finish) complicated long books because I just don’t have the time or the focus to devote to them. This causes me to miss out on many rewarding reading experiences.Then after reading a book for so long, I get frustrated and I end up giving the book a low rating even though it was me who needs the poor reading grade.

I need to think about this book rating thing in a different way or just not rate books at all.