Insecure HBO: Season 3 Finale Review

some more thoughts on the Insecure Season 3 finale:

-putting my disdain for the Molly character aside.. Taurean has some BIG nerve to be in his feelings because when he was taking up all the space in the room and was on top he didn’t give two shits about anybody else.. he had no problem using Molly’s help to prop himself up. now that he has to share the spotlight with Molly he runs away. he really fixed his face to call Molly aggressive when he previously talked over her like she wasn’t even speaking. boy bye!

-i hate how Molly treated the women in her office.. she used them until she found something she coveted more and dropped them like a bad habit. I see Molly crashing very very soon when she looks around to realize she can’t do it all alone. even the most successful need a team.

-is Andrew willing to forgive Molly for her horrible behavior and move on? i hope so. i would love to see how their connection develops. Molly needs something and i’m wondering if Andrew is that something.

-honey, Jared looked like a whole snack. and, Molly’s judgmental malfunctioning gaydar was SO off.. ugh! why is she like that? i just loved seeing her face when Jared rolled up there with his brother and his girlfriend. HA!

-for the first time, i felt like Molly truly tried to protect Issa when Nanceford pranced his tired ass up to Issa’s apartment with those day old flowers.. she should have told Issa though..

-sometimes when i squint, i can see Issa’s growth but other times i’m shaking my head in disbelief of her pure immaturity.. i love the way she handled Nanceford and his vague ass none answer to how he seriously hurt her feelings disappearing like that .. again, this man NEVER answers a question .. NEVER . she really handled Molly very well standing up for herself and letting her know she didn’t appreciate her not telling her dude came by. and, it really looked like Molly paid attention. Issa also gave Molly good advice concerning Taurean. Issa gets it right sometimes. she seriously played therapist and was spot on.

-how cool is it to see Issa and Lawrence truly being friends?! i love it. i just love how Lawrence is so giddy around her. he can’t stop smiling. hopefully, they don’t try to get back together and mess up the beautiful reconnection they are making. it wasn’t missed on me that Lawrence finally got it right. he remembered Issa’s birthday this time.

-i peeped how they put black girl magic on display and how we often support each other.  sometimes, the friends closest to you can’t support you in the way you need. a new friend can be a refreshing addition. “the last dragon” is on my top 5 greatest movies of all time list. i really enjoyed that. Condola is a keeper for that.

-Kelli still annoys me. she is so one dimensional. of course, she is overly aggressive with men, cringe worthy comic relief, and just overall over the top concerning everything with that ponytail at the top of her head .. it was so not flattering.. ugh

-i don’t want to like Chad but i do. judge me. i know i deserve it because he is a whole mess.. but, he is honest. i like that and i want to see more of him.

-the moment Lawrence shared with his father was awesome. i want to know more about him and his backstory. hopefully, they will open up and give the other characters some backstory time as well. Lawrence’s father is right. this generation doesn’t want to work, me included. we want instant gratification.

-i will be lifting up the Issa in prayer. we are hoping she is ready to show growth when she finds out Condola and Lawrence are dating. it could get messy but let’s just send some positive vibes Issa’s way.

-again, the music is always on point. i caught that “come together’ joint by the internet. Owww! loves it! i discovered some really nice new artitsts/songs this season. Raphael Saadiq and the music team is doing a great job matching the right songs with the right scenes.

-even though i talk shit about this show, i love it and i’m gonna miss it. i love that Insecure is so “blackass”, said in my Jill Scott voice. we need more. 10-12 episodes would have been sweet. but, hey.. they have already been approved for season 4. we must be patient.