if beale street could talk: movie review

this novel is fresh in my mind because i read it this year; my first time reading a james baldwin novel.  within the first 5 minutes of the film, i was already in tears. i was so glad i picked up a couple of napkins laid out on a table in front of the state theater at lincoln square. the silence, the loving stares, the beautiful colors beckoned me to freeze each frame just to linger a little longer. i can’t wait to take screenshots of every frame in order to adorn my laptop. i came in with preconceived theories about the direction and how the storytelling would be approached. for some reason, i didn’t think the narration style would translate well from the novel to the screen. barry jenkins made the right choice.  the acting was superb. they didn’t have to say anything. they could have gazed into each other’s eyes for 2 hours and it would have been time well spent.

there is a sex scene. well, it’s more like a lovemaking scene and it was tastefully done. the man sitting next to me chuckled when he heard me whisper ‘yes yes yes yes’ and ‘my god’ at the visual of dark-skinned beautiful skin expressing love. thank you, barry jenkins. i didn’t know how much i needed to see that on screen. i’m almost certain i’ve never seen a lovemaking scene with black people quite as honest, intense and tender. the only one i can think of that may come close is the sex scene in ‘love & basketball’. i can’t put into words how affirming it is to see dark-skinned people loving on each other.

even given all this beauty, i still left the theater a little angry. i wasn’t angry because i didn’t enjoy my time with this film; i enjoyed every minute. i was angry because it’s a guarantee there are countless stories similar to fonny and tish’s experience. this is not fiction. i think of all the untold stories of dreams halted, love put on hold, creations unable to see the light of day, with an ugly stain on a love story. somewhere in our history, someone with man-made power used it to snuff the life out of what was perceived to be less than, not human. it broke my heart to see fonny’s beautiful existence handled with no respect, beat down by the “justice” system working in the way it was created to work. the narrator’s sweet voice interjected like the constant interference of those in power reminding us why this young couple could not love in the way they deserved to love, with no boundaries. i may have one critique, but it’s not even worth mentioning. it’s a 5-star film receiving 3 golden globes nomination before its release date. take your love to see it. i took myself and i will be taking myself again. 


Insecure HBO: Season 3 Finale Review

some more thoughts on the Insecure Season 3 finale:

-putting my disdain for the Molly character aside.. Taurean has some BIG nerve to be in his feelings because when he was taking up all the space in the room and was on top he didn’t give two shits about anybody else.. he had no problem using Molly’s help to prop himself up. now that he has to share the spotlight with Molly he runs away. he really fixed his face to call Molly aggressive when he previously talked over her like she wasn’t even speaking. boy bye!

-i hate how Molly treated the women in her office.. she used them until she found something she coveted more and dropped them like a bad habit. I see Molly crashing very very soon when she looks around to realize she can’t do it all alone. even the most successful need a team.

-is Andrew willing to forgive Molly for her horrible behavior and move on? i hope so. i would love to see how their connection develops. Molly needs something and i’m wondering if Andrew is that something.

-honey, Jared looked like a whole snack. and, Molly’s judgmental malfunctioning gaydar was SO off.. ugh! why is she like that? i just loved seeing her face when Jared rolled up there with his brother and his girlfriend. HA!

-for the first time, i felt like Molly truly tried to protect Issa when Nanceford pranced his tired ass up to Issa’s apartment with those day old flowers.. she should have told Issa though..

-sometimes when i squint, i can see Issa’s growth but other times i’m shaking my head in disbelief of her pure immaturity.. i love the way she handled Nanceford and his vague ass none answer to how he seriously hurt her feelings disappearing like that .. again, this man NEVER answers a question .. NEVER . she really handled Molly very well standing up for herself and letting her know she didn’t appreciate her not telling her dude came by. and, it really looked like Molly paid attention. Issa also gave Molly good advice concerning Taurean. Issa gets it right sometimes. she seriously played therapist and was spot on.

-how cool is it to see Issa and Lawrence truly being friends?! i love it. i just love how Lawrence is so giddy around her. he can’t stop smiling. hopefully, they don’t try to get back together and mess up the beautiful reconnection they are making. it wasn’t missed on me that Lawrence finally got it right. he remembered Issa’s birthday this time.

-i peeped how they put black girl magic on display and how we often support each other.  sometimes, the friends closest to you can’t support you in the way you need. a new friend can be a refreshing addition. “the last dragon” is on my top 5 greatest movies of all time list. i really enjoyed that. Condola is a keeper for that.

-Kelli still annoys me. she is so one dimensional. of course, she is overly aggressive with men, cringe worthy comic relief, and just overall over the top concerning everything with that ponytail at the top of her head .. it was so not flattering.. ugh

-i don’t want to like Chad but i do. judge me. i know i deserve it because he is a whole mess.. but, he is honest. i like that and i want to see more of him.

-the moment Lawrence shared with his father was awesome. i want to know more about him and his backstory. hopefully, they will open up and give the other characters some backstory time as well. Lawrence’s father is right. this generation doesn’t want to work, me included. we want instant gratification.

-i will be lifting up the Issa in prayer. we are hoping she is ready to show growth when she finds out Condola and Lawrence are dating. it could get messy but let’s just send some positive vibes Issa’s way.

-again, the music is always on point. i caught that “come together’ joint by the internet. Owww! loves it! i discovered some really nice new artitsts/songs this season. Raphael Saadiq and the music team is doing a great job matching the right songs with the right scenes.

-even though i talk shit about this show, i love it and i’m gonna miss it. i love that Insecure is so “blackass”, said in my Jill Scott voice. we need more. 10-12 episodes would have been sweet. but, hey.. they have already been approved for season 4. we must be patient.

‘Praise Song for the Butterflies’ Review

71c5TOjcPSLI am interested and devoted to all things from the continent of Africa. I find myself watching video after video on youtube concerning all things African. I love to watch videos about the different cultures, languages, practices. I get knowledge from travel vlogs, documentaries, and videos from native Africans speaking about their home. This book is exactly what I needed. It shined a light on to a ritual that is merely male serving and evil. I learned about the ritual servitude/slavery that is trokosi last year and it broke my heart. These rituals always seem to involve a girl/woman giving her very life for the idea of luck or idea of being able to evade bad luck. It gives those that practice this ritual the idea that the sacrifice of someone’s life for the betterment of others is the only way to stop the so-called ‘bad luck’. To me, sacrifice is a personal commitment, not the idea of offering up another person’s life. Sacrifice your OWN life.  It’s always interesting to me when people think they can romance karma’s retreat. This book takes you on a journey to see how this practice trokosi ravished lives but at the same time helped others find their purpose. This is a story about forgiveness. This is also a story about pure evil left unchecked. This is a story about the centuries of hatred toward black girls/women bodies and how they are used as footstools in many cultures. This is also a story about how your very own family can be the authors of your darkest hour.

Trokosi is mainly practiced in Ghana, Benin, and Togo. Aside from being a black woman who has given birth to a black girl, learning about this practice personally touches me because these countries are in my DNA. Benin, Togo, and Ghana show up being the highest percentages in my DNA makeup according to ancestrydna.com. I can’t help but wonder if any of my ancestors shared similar experiences as the young girls in this book. Ms. McFadden did a great job describing the mind of a young child and how evil creeps in to shift their perception forever. She shines a light on how lies, even little white ones, can destroy someone’s entire world. The theme of guilt is very strong in this story as well. You are able to see how everyone seemed to carry guilt in different ways. She captured the purest heart of a child. Tears were shed. Tears were shed not just due to the pain displayed but also the hope you will find in this book. If you are triggered by the mistreatment of children/women, approach this book while giving yourself self-care and take your time.

I believe in life and all that represents. I’m not really sure if I believe in bad luck or good luck. I won’t deny often wondering if this so-called bad luck has taken hold over parts of my life. However, I believe life and bad/good luck should not be used interchangeably. Life can often look like tides at sea. Sometimes gifts are brought in through the tide and other times hard lessons. Its ever moving, ever changing, ever evolving. It is up to us to constantly adjust to how we react to said life. Sometimes there are calming ripples and other times the waves of life will try to rip you apart. Yet, you still manage to find a reason to smile in the midst of it all. This is a story about how Abeo’s life was turned upside down because life happened and someone else decided she had to pay with her innocence. It’s touching, honest, and painful. It’s all the things life is made of.

A moment in Art at a glance with BE:

The L’s art took this week will not be discussed at this moment. I just can’t right now.
Janelle Monae’s album “Dirty Computer” is really refreshing. Yes. I am an American dream. Say that sis! I am a walking contradiction too. I feel all that. Thing is … I love “I Like That” so much. But, I always find it weird that artists who were subjected to bullying would speak so candidly about it in their music. I don’t know. If you bullied me and I made it big, the bully would be sitting back like I wonder if she even knows I’m alive. I wouldn’t give them one bar, one lyric. Nada. But, I get it. You must speak your truth.
“The Handmaid’s Tale” .. shit’s gettin real. Like I said, the book scared me with its truth given the direction this society seems to be headed as it pertains to women. Be afraid. Be very afraid. “YIBAMBE, LADIES! YIBAMBE!”
“Westworld” .. okay. aight. look. I’m not going to deny it. I don’t know what the fuck is going on right now..LOL One moment you think you understand and then the next you’re like .. HUH? I have to admit. I’m in love with the concept. And, the theme music is superb. So, I’m not giving up. Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton are everything.
No spoilers: I promise.
“Infinity War” .. I don’t know. According to a tweet on twitter, I’ve been advised to go back and have the 3D experience just to check out T’Challa’s hammer..LOL So, I have to watch it again strictly for research purposes. I’m sure you understand. Just know, I enjoyed Infinity War. Yep, right along with the white guy sitting next to me. He really thought my whisper commentary was hilarious. Because Thor made me say some not so appropriate thangs under my breath several times. That man right there yo.. sheesh! But, overall it was funny. Iron Man’s suit…YES! I literally yelled out loud. And, Spider Man’s suit..I wasn’t ready. At times, I felt like they were trying to tell too many different stories. That may have something to do with how many marvel characters are in this film. There is a lot of ground to cover. When they arrived to Wakanda, everything seemed rushed. But, it all came together. I want to discuss the vibes Thanos gave me and other things I observed, but it would reveal spoilers. I will wait until more people watch it.
This just in: Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) released tour dates this morning.
Good day!

“she’s gotta have it” short & sweet review


so, I really wanted to like “she’s gotta have it” on Netflix. but, I should have known I wouldn’t like it because I hated the movie. the corniness of spike lee’s satire and his over the top approach concerning serious topics has always rubbed me the wrong way. all the men are totally ridiculous. they all gave me gay vibes and it was so distracting watching them do ‘i love pussy’ gymnastics trying to be convincing. greer? mars? mars, my G?? come on now. who would even believe that craziness?! not I! the writing was painful. the acting? look, Dewanda Wise is frikkin’ awesome to me and she is absolutely stunning. she did the best she could with the material she was given. i made it to episode 3.

in conclusion: I hated it!

1 star out of 5

“The Humans” by Matt Haig


The narrator of this story is not human. The story is about an alien who is given the assignment to get rid of mathematical information discovered by a human, Professor Andrew Martin. On his quest to dispose of the threatening information he makes a detour into the life of a human being. He has sort of an out of body experience while living the life of a human. You are taken on the journey where he eventually finds beauty, love, and confusion in human life on earth.

The writing is heartfelt and so relatable even though they are the words of an alien. You find yourself laughing out loud, sighing, and having ah-ha moments. It was fun to experience life through an outside source. It caused me to question why we think the way that we do. There are many quotable moments in this book that gave me pause. Quotes, like:

“To be healthy meant to be covered. Clothed. Literally and metaphorically.”

“Some humans not only liked violence but craved it, I realized. Not because they wanted pain, but because they already had pain and wanted to be distracted from that kind of pain with a lesser kind.”

“Love was a way to live forever in a single moment, and it was also a way to see yourself as you had never actually seen yourself, and made you realize –having done so–that this view was a more meaningful one than any of your previous self perceptions and self deceptions.”

By relating to this alien I felt less weird for feeling like I’m not doing well at being a human. Matt Haig captured the feelings of loneliness and wanting to belong very well. I found his philosophies interesting while disagreeing with others. All and all I couldn’t put this book down.

I copped this book from the library. I plan on buying my own copy because there are so many quotes I want to keep and I may even read this one again. If you are interested in love stories, you will love this book. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I can’t stop thinking about it.

“Soundless” Book Review












I really had high hopes for this book. When I discovered that this book was coming out some time last year, I was both disappointed and intrigued. This book appealed to me because I had this deep desire to write about a woman who could control sound. Sound is a sensitive topic for me and I get very passionate about those around me who are abusive with sound. I guess I still can continue to do so. This book is not about being able to control sound.  The story is about a young lady regaining her hearing among a village of people who have all lost their hearing. She goes on a quest to find answers and to save the people in her village. I just didn’t enjoy this one like I thought I would. The ending was very slow. Turning the pages became harder and harder toward the end of the book. I probably should have given it a 2 out of 5 stars. But, I gave this book 3 stars out of 5 because it just didn’t have a strong story to go along with the hype. It took me almost a month to read this book and it’s only two hundred and something pages. It may have something to do with me and my inability to read fast especially when I’m not into the story.

Rated: 3 out of 5 stars.